Are you ready for the insane, 9,000 Dollar laptop?

There’s a fine line between what a laptop can do and what a computer can do. Obviously a computer is much stronger, a gaming computer is much better than a gaming laptop, but in 2016 the laptops got themselves a new star, one that took both critics and audiences by surprise with how incredible it all sounds. But a 9,000 dollar laptop? Is that stretching the boundaries?

Meet the Predator 21X, a 21 inch curved display laptop (although we use the term “laptop” loosely, since this is more of a mini computer than anything else) with a giant 2560 x 1080 G-Sync display and a 120Hz refresh rate. If that isn’t enough to make grab your attention then how about the fact that it has up to four 512GB SSDs in a RAID 0 configuration? It has 64GB of RAM, dual graphics cards in SLI and an overclockable Intel Core i7-7820HK CPU on top of everything else. It packs five fans and nine heat pipes in order to make sure it’s always cool. When it comes to the cheeky gadgets, this beast holds four speakers and two sub-woofers and a mechanical keyboard too. Slap in the Tobii eye-tracking built-in and you’ve got yourself every nerd’s dream machine ever.

It does sound incredible, downright impossible, but that’s not the only impressive product that’s coming out this year. Acer has decided to also update a more modest version of the 21x called the Predator 17X. This will most likely sell a bit more than the Predator 21X, since it costs only around $2600. Yes, you’ve heard that right, $2600 is not that much. Well not really, $2600 is quite the hefty amount for anyone, but this amount completely fades away in comparison to the Predator 21X’s price tag.

But this laptop costs more than a car!

The Predator 21X costs around $9000. Yes, you’ve heard that right. A lot of people were shocked more by the price than by the specifications of the laptop when Acer announced its release. For $9000 you could make your own gaming computer, and you could make it ten times better than the Predator 21X, or you could even get yourself a cheap car for that amount. Most gamers instantly frowned upon the price tag, and they’ve decided to turn to the Predator 17X, since even though it’s still very expensive, it’s nowhere near as expensive as the 21x.

Outside of the outrageous price, why don’t gamers wish to purchase this laptop? Well the main reason why people don’t want to risk investing that amount in this laptop is because it’s an Acer. Acer products are not exactly the most highly regarded products on the market, quite the opposite actually. Acer has been mostly known for cheap products, but can they break the stereotype with this beast? Probably, probably not, nobody really knows anything right now; quite frankly everybody’s still shocked at the outrageous price.

Will it sell? Will it be a hit? Nobody knows for certain, but one thing’s clear, this is one heck of a laptop.