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Using Facebook as a marketing machine to generate consumer interest

There’s no doubt that Facebook is a very useful social media platform for virtually everything and everyone. Whether you’re on the website to watch videos of random animals doing random animal things, or if you’re on Facebook to socialize with your foreign friends, you’ll still have a blast on the site. But leaving entertainment aside, how can a young aspiring marketer use Facebook to his or her advantage?

Well, for starters Julian Farley, an experienced online marketer has stated that: ‘Kia Motors ran a Facebook Ad campaign that increased awareness of their vehicles 13-points, and allows them to regularly connect with over 89,000 people every day. Victory Motors, a small North American motorcycle company gets their highest conversion rates of any marketing channel through simple Facebook Fan page promotions. Some well-known internet marketers use Facebook to bring in $14,000+/week.’

So, knowing this, Facebook does seem like a very good marketing tool, but how can someone really use it to make a lot of easy money? Let’s see.

Don’t be overly serious on every post

First of all, don’t be afraid to joke. A lot of the time, people are interested in technical stuff, but if you want to make it big on Facebook, then you’ve got to show a little personality too. Whatever you do though, don’t move too far from your subject! If you’re selling pet clothes for example, share a few funny videos of animals wearing clothes, don’t start sharing random videos that have nothing to do with your brand. Also, you need to balance out the light hearted humor with serious tips and advice. If you can balance these two elements, then you’ll surely have an audience liking and sharing your content.

Second of all, if you’re planning to make a Facebook page, then you need to take all of the steps in order to make yourself look as legit as possible. The internet is full of copycats and trolls, so you need to be able to differentiate yourself from everyone else. In order to do that, make sure you link your Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and the other social media accounts you may have on your page’s info so that people know that it is you behind that screen, not someone else.

Third of all, you need to offer great customer service. If you’re busy or if you don’t want to spend hours just answering questions and messages, then you should consider hiring someone to handle those aspects for you. If people see that your company is very interested in their problems and dilemmas, it may make them more confident to purchase products from you. Most, if not all big companies do this.

Be smart with what you share

Last but not least, promoting your posts can help you a lot. You might be thinking, “why should I waste money when my viewers will still see everything I post on their timeline?” Well the truth is that actually, most of your posts go unnoticed. This is because, according to the Facebook algorithm, when you post something, it instantly shows up on your viewer’s timelines. Keep in mind, that every day millions of posts are posted on Facebook, and this can mean that yours might get flooded very easily. If you want people to actually read every single one of your posts, then you need to consider promoting your posts.

If you’re still wondering whether Facebook is a good marketing choice, then take a look at the graph below. It perfectly encapsulates how many people would actually offer you free advertisement and how many would choose you over other brands simply because of your posts. Don’t just limit this to Facebook, Utilize Twitter For Marketing and other social media platforms in conjunction.

Consumer results when using facebook for marketing

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