Twitter as marketing tool

Using Twitter as a marketing tool for your business

Twitter is the main social media platform that most celebrities use. It’s fast, easy to use and can be way more professional than other social media platforms such as Facebook. Because of this, a lot of companies have decided to look at Twitter as more than just a website where you post random questions that go through your mind. More and more companies have started to look at Twitter as a very profitable marketing tool. Do you want to know how to use Twitter to your advantage too? Well then keep on reading, because we’ll explain exactly what you need to do in order to transform your account into a marketing juggernaut.

First of all you need to make a list of all of the people with social, political or educational influence and experts in your area. Then, make sure you’re all on the same team. Just search for words that are related to your industry and keep in touch with them. As long as you make it clear that you’re all friends, you could really cash in on the information they’ll share with you.

Second of all, make sure you have a lot of people sharing everything you tweet. There are two ways to do this. The first one revolves around getting a lot of colleagues, friends, family members, and others to do it for you. The second one implies buying people’s attention. If you want to have a lot more attention, you could hire a few people to share everything you tweet. Doing this is very cheap and you could easily hire a couple of hundred people. Chances are, if you get this much exposure your company will have a very positive rise. Although this isn’t overly recommended, it is an option to gain some traction.

Third, you shouldn’t be afraid to ask your followers to retweet your tweets. I know this may seem a bit embarrassing at first, but it is essential nonetheless. Chances are, if you want to make it in the industry, you’ll have to forget about it and concentrate more on selling yourself to the viewers. Just remember to never be too forceful, or you may risk losing some followers. Oh and nobody likes a crybaby, so make sure you’re as positive as you can when you ask for help, so people don’t think you’re desperate.

Be careful with your online presence

Now here comes the most difficult part. It can either be extremely helpful, or it can ruin your reputation. You need to follow the trends, but don’t follow them all. This is why it’s difficult. You need to know a lot about online trends before you can go into following that trend. For example, something like the dab can help you if you do it as a joke, but if you do it as a serious “We’re cool guys… right?”, then you’ll instantly regret it.

Last but not least you should always add in a customized photo to your tweet. Studies have shown that tweets with images receive 150% more retweets than tweets with no images. Continue to update your social media pages, and explore Facebook marketing as well.

Leo Widrich, the cofounder of Buffer, has stated that: ‘My theory on this is that with an inline image, there’s more content for the user to consume without leaving Twitter (which is probably what Twitter wants), so they’re not much more likely to click-through.’

You can see the difference yourself in the graph below:

twitter marketing retweets



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